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Hiring after training

What can you do with your drone training ?

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The demand is only increasing !

In Belgium, the job market for drone pilots is experiencing significant expansion, paving the way for exciting and diverse professional opportunities. This booming sector offers captivating prospects in various fields such as mapping, surveillance, aerial photography, environmental management, research, and rescue, among other applications.

Belgian companies are currently seeking skilled and competent professionals to pilot drones, in order to meet the growing demand for unmanned aerial services. These professionals play a key role in carrying out complex and strategic missions, thereby contributing to the growth and operational efficiency of various sectors.

Whether in topographic mapping, industrial inspection, agricultural management, or infrastructure surveillance, drone pilots in Belgium are sought after for their technical skills and ability to operate these aircraft safely and effectively. The versatility of drones allows for wide-ranging applications, fostering a continuous demand for qualified professionals.

Candidates interested in a career as a drone pilot in Belgium can anticipate training and professional development opportunities, as the country seeks to strengthen its workforce's skills in this field. Companies are also looking for innovative individuals capable of contributing to the ongoing evolution of drone technology, shaping the future of this rapidly growing industry. In summary, hiring drone pilots in Belgium represents an open door to a stimulating and ever-evolving professional future.

FAQ - Hiring after training

For the Open category, there are no longer requirements regarding logbooks. However, it is strongly recommended to maintain one to record the flight hours of your Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS). This data will be valuable for ensuring the maintenance of your UAS.

On the other hand, for the Specific category, the operator is required to hold and keep up-to-date a register containing information related to the operations of UAS. The simplest way to comply with this requirement is by using a logbook, whether in paper or electronic form.

The operations manual must be developed following this template. In order to fly in accordance with the provisions of the European regulation, your old manual will therefore need to be updated and replaced (01/01/2024).

DroneMotion helps you draft your Operations Manual. Feel free to contact us for more information.

In addition to the general responsibilities of a UAS operator operating in the Specific category, you will need to, before starting your operations:

  • Draft an Operations Manual compliant with the requirements of the Belgian standard scenario.
  • Declare your operations to the DGTA via the Drone Portal.
  • Have an electronically sent confirmation of receipt and completeness (acknowledgment of receipt) from the DGTA after submitting your declaration.

Il est impératif de souscrirIt is imperative to take out adequate liability insurance covering any potential damage you may cause to third parties during the flight of your drone.