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Construction industry (BTP) drone - long cycle

Specific Practice in 10 Days

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Pratique (BTP) - cycle long est :

A practical training course designed for the SPECIFIC/OPEN drone license, accelerated for those who already have some experience and wish to intensify their practical lessons, etc.

We also provide some additional basics in BTP to give you a slight edge with your SPECIFIC/OPEN practical license.

Pratique spécifique (BTP) - cycle long

A longer course that will allow you to delve into all the nooks and crannies and details of the long-term practical training with a touch of BTP, personalized support that will enable you to leave with the best possible foundations.

Objectifs de la formation spécifique (BTP) - cycle long

Take advantage of rapid deployment and time savings through the flexibility of drones and mission automation.

Formation's objectives

The training aims to enable participants to acquire essential skills for safely piloting drones, with a focus on building inspections and modeling. They will learn to anticipate and respond effectively to malfunctions or environmental constraints while becoming familiar with mission preparation in accordance with Open and Specific Category regulations.

Educational objectives

The pedagogical objectives include acquiring advanced drone piloting techniques for building inspections and modeling, as well as mastering precise mission planning. Participants will learn to adjust imagery for building modeling, create and export 3D models, all while understanding and applying legal requirements regarding the use of civilian drones in the European space.

21-hour training

Training program


Piloting a civil drone in dual command and autonomously once the trainee has mastered the machine in emergency situations.

Procedure for regulatory procedures and flight declarations to obtain flight authorizations in dangerous, regulated, or prohibited drone fly zones from authorized organizations.

Mastering the specifics of flights in the OPEN or SPECIFIC category.

Control, adjustment, and maintenance of aerial imaging equipment including drone, equipment, sensor, flight controller, impact limiters, as well as workspace, with the aim of capturing aerial images in compliance with the Law and the machine's user and maintenance manual.

Verification of aeronautical information in the workspace, feasibility, conditions, possible protocol implementation, and mission objectives according to the category (OPEN or SPECIFIC) considering the drone used and its payload.

Consideration of obstacles that may hinder operations and the exclusion zone of third parties, collecting information attestations from authorized persons in the flight zone, and verification of the presence of all necessary and regulatory documents.

Implementation of procedures to ensure safety and manage human, technical, and environmental risks of drone pilot activities in the field.

Mastering drone telepiloting, knowledge of emergency operational procedures in abnormal conditions in case of equipment failure or third-party intrusion into the fly zone for subcategories A1, A2, A3 and categories STS-01, STS-02, and debriefing.

Implementing decisions made for the development of the operational volume (evolution and confinement volumes, evolution and confinement surfaces, Risk SOL and Risk AIR buffer surfaces) in practice.

Verifying the operation of GeoWarnings and GeoBarriers, LowSpeed, Parachute, FTS.

Verifying that an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) has been developed, and possibly, that a Manager (ERM) or a Team (ERT) has been designated.


Acquiring flight techniques to inspect and control buildings using a drone.

Understanding the chain of creating 3D digital models from photogrammetry, from site preparation to the installation of markers and targets, sketch creation, understanding of the sensor and its settings, to the final export.

Acquisition of terms and language specific to buildings.


Technical skills of smooth audiovisual capture including the quality of drone trajectories and associated complex camera movements in the context of a normal flight situation in Open Category and Specific STS-01/STS-02.

Skills related to flight mission preparation for Open and Specific Categories STS-01/STS-02 evaluated using a multiple-choice questionnaire. This exercise assesses the candidate's knowledge in preparing for a drone flight mission, from a regulatory and administrative point of view.

Skills required in preparing a drone and the workspace in Open and Specific Categories STS-01/STS-02.

Adjustment of the photographic sensor and drone settings required to perform audiovisual capture.

Capacity and knowledge to implement safety and emergency procedures in case of machine failure or third-party intrusion into the fly zone.

Ability to manage an event report and flight debriefing.

Tout public

Durée : 10 jour(s) (70 heures)

3.033,06 € HTVA
(3.670,00 € TTC)

Valeur chèques formations : 0,00 € TTC

Option(s) :




Apporter un bloc-notes et un stylo. Tous les autres documents ou matériels nécessaires vous seront fournis sur place.

  • Drone d’école en doubles commandes
  • DJI Phantom 4 pro
  • station de rendu photogrammétrie


Prochaines formations

DU 13/05/2024 AU 17/05/2024 & DU 21/05/2024 AU 27/05/2024

DU 10/06/2024 AU 14/06/2024 & DU 17/06/2024 AU 21/06/2024

Pour les entreprises en groupes, on peut ouvrir une session à votre meilleur convenance.

Lieu de la formation

Aérodrome de Saint-Ghislain,Rue des Marionville, 21, 7330 Saint-Ghislain, Belgique 

Pour les entreprises en groupes, on peut venir former directement sur place dans toutes la Blegique et plus. 

Inclus :

  • Veste fluo
  • Syllabus papier
  • Support de cours
  • (sous réserve de réussite du test) l'attestation de suivi de formation pratique
  • Livret de progression
  • Support professionnelle pendant 1 an après votre formation