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How to finance your drone training ?

Discover our financial assistance for your drone training. Maximize your project with our tailored financial support.

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Are you looking to acquire new skills, enhance your expertise, advance in your career, or transition to a new profession? Our drone training programs are designed to cater to the specific needs of your professional goals. Additionally, various financing options, whether partial or full, are available depending on your status (employee, job seeker, career changer, artist-author, etc.).

The various assistance options include :

  1. Supports for the sector aimed at facilitating the financing of professional training, thereby providing companies with the necessary means to invest in the development of their personnel's skills.

  2. Financial assistance programs for training available in various regions, thus facilitating access to education and supporting professional development.

  3. The CEP (Continuous Education Plan) ensures financing for training while guaranteeing the maintenance of Belgian workers' salaries during their absence for studies.

  4. Your training center, DroneMotion, offers flexible payment plans, including installment payments.