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Drone-based moss removal & spraying

To excel in drone-based spraying applications and moss removal, attend our courses at our training center in Belgium.

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Make drone-based moss removal and spraying simpler and more efficient.

The drone in moss removal is gaining unanimous approval in just a few years. Whether for precision surveys or the application of biological products, the drone is being deployed rapidly. DroneMotion, in collaboration with top-tier partners, offers a comprehensive training program for moss removal, including: regulations and pilot obligations, precision piloting, and much more to enable you to work more efficiently.

Drones Anti-Mousse: Technology Revolutionizes Roof Maintenance

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology of drones, moss removal becomes faster, safer, and more precise, thereby avoiding the risks associated with traditional methods.

Moss removal by drone.

Utilize a drone for moss removal on hard-to-reach roofs and save time. This solution improves working conditions for workers by avoiding the use of heavy equipment and eliminating risks associated with working at heights.

Clean Roofs Risk-Free: Drone Moss Removal in Action

Drone moss removal enables easy access to hard-to-reach roofs, ensuring thorough and uniform cleaning for optimal protection against damage caused by moss and algae.

The objectives of the moss removal & spraying training course.

Benefit from rapid deployment and time savings due to the flexibility of drones and mission automation

Training Objectives

Enable participants to master the regulatory framework, stabilization techniques, and maneuvering of drones F450, HERCULE DRONEVOLT H10 or H20, and DJI MATRICE 300/350 RTK equipped with spraying systems, as well as to configure the MISSION PLANNER software for settings applicable to the flight controller.

Educational Objectives

Acquire a thorough understanding of the regulatory framework, develop skills in drone stabilization and progression, master the configuration of MISSION PLANNER software, and strengthen safety practices and problem-solving related to drone use.

28-hour Training Program

The Training Program

DAY 1:

Understanding the current regulations applicable to moss removal missions by drone;
Advanced piloting without assistance, mastering the implementation and movement of a drone in ATTI mode to facilitate the transition to piloting a drone equipped with a moss removal system.

DAY 2:

Understanding the safety rules regarding spraying and product selection;
Understanding the different elements of the technical solution chosen for the application, implementing the technical solution, conducting safety checks before missions.

DAY 3:

Knowing how to carry out administrative procedures for carrying out moss removal missions by drone;
Simulation and mastery of the technical solution in the event of a system failure.

DAY 4:

Knowing and being able to use the application interface for drones such as DRONEVOLT HERCULE H10 or H20, DJI MATRICE 300/350 RTK;
Setting up applications on equipment, knowing how to navigate in space with a drone equipped with a spraying system, with and without external obstacles.

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Durée : 4 jour(s) (28 heures)

2.305,79 € HTVA
(2.790,00 € TTC)

Valeur chèques formations : 0,00 € TTC

Option(s) :


Être détenteur de l’attestation de formation pratique Open ou Spécifique.


Apporter un bloc-notes et un stylo. Tous les autres documents ou matériels nécessaires vous seront fournis sur place.

  • Drone  HERCULE H10 ou H20


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Lieu de la formation

Aérodrome de Saint-Ghislain,Rue des Marionville, 21, 7330 Saint-Ghislain, Belgique 

Pour les entreprises en groupes, on peut venir former directement sur place dans toutes la Blegique et plus. 

Inclus :

  • Attestation de suivi de de formation
  • Veste fluo
  • Syllabus papier
  • Support de cours
  • Support professionnelle pendant 1 an après votre formation